Be the Best Representative For You, For Eastvale, For District 5

I have lived in this area my whole life. I’ve raised my family, started a business, and have been involved in the community since its founding.  From my service in Kiwanis to my involvement with the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce, my goal has always been the same- make Eastvale a better place to live for each and every resident.  If elected, I will do my very best to keep Eastvale safe, family friendly, financially sound, and a great place to call home.

Thank you so much for reading this. My name is Ike Bootsma and I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you on Eastvale’s City Council, District 5.

Conservative Approach To Budgeting

My experience in the private sector has prepared me to take on the challenges of balancing a budget and making sure our spending reflects our priorities as a community. I know what it takes to run a business, make payroll, and manage employees. I will bring the same discipline that made me successful running my company for 35 years to help Eastvale remain financially strong without resorting to raising taxes.  I know that the tax money we receive is the result of someone’s hard work and I will never lose sight of that fact. 

Economic Development

Many of our key objectives as a city depend on us creating a sustainable economic base. We need to finish the development of our city with that in mind. Attracting the kind of businesses people need and want are going to be key for me.  Whether it’s restaurants or shopping opportunities or business centers, I will work with our planning commission and residents to bring things people want. We need to give our residents good options so they can spend their money here in town rather than somewhere else.  

Position on Public Safety

Over the past decade, Eastvale has grown into a wonderfully diverse community filled with good, hardworking people.  We have amazing schools, beautiful parks, and more shopping opportunities than ever before.  While this is something to celebrate, we can’t truly enjoy all of it without a strong community commitment to Public Safety. As councilman I will work with our outstanding Neighborhood Watch Program to make sure citizens remain vigilant and involved.  We have a great program and I want to help make it even better.

In addition, I will work closely with RSO and my fellow council members to make sure we have enough patrol hours to keep our homes, neighborhoods, parks, and public spaces safe.  We need our Sheriff’s Deputies now more than ever and I will fight to make sure that our budget and spending reflect this.  We can’t be #EastvaleStrong without a strong police presence in the city. I am a huge supporter of our law enforcement community and appreciate all they do for us.

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