Hi, I'm Ike

My name is Ike Bootsma and I was born at home, third from the youngest of nine children to Dutch immigrant parents, Trynje and Jim Bootsma. They emigrated from the Netherlands and started a Dairy in Artesia, California in 1930. They were one of the first to settle in the Chino Valley in 1938 when the Dairy’s began their exodus from Artesia. We all worked the Dairy as we grew up and then sought our own futures.


In 1975, I started a Calf Ranch in Eastvale. It was a very successful operation until its closing in May of 2007. Our Calf Ranch was an important component of the dairy industry. We raised calves for Dairy replacement. When I started the ranch, we had 250 head of cattle. We eventually built the business up to 8500 head of cattle. Our business consisted of raising calves from birth to 4 months old and then selling them back to Dairymen to become milk cows. I started what became known as “contract” raising. It was a very good enterprise and worked well for the Dairy industry and for my family too.


My family and I have made Eastvale our home. I was part of the city’s founding and am proud of the community that we’ve worked so hard to build.


My wife and I are active members of the Eastvale Kiwanis Club and have raised money each year to provide ERHS students with college scholarships. I have also been active in the Eastvale Roadway Adoption Program and have kept our city streets free of litter by participating in monthly street clean up events.  In addition, I’m a member or our local Chamber of Commerce and stay up to date on what’s happening with our local businesses and the challenges they face.


I’m running for Eastvale City Council District 5 because I care about our city’s future and want the very best for the hardworking men, women and children that have chosen to call Eastvale home.  Together we can make Eastvale better. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I’d love to have your vote this November.



Ike Bootsma






(909) 816-9297‬


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